Gig @ Planters

The gig went great considering the no practice for about three weeks, Matt getting shocked by the mic every other song and my violin breaking.
I ReaLLY couldn't hear myself for shit (on the violin prior to the incident) - we really need to invest in a monitor soon.

Honestly though, we sounded pretty good and it was fun (until the thought of repairs set in for me).
Yes there were eff ups here and there but it was expected and they were nothing major.

On a happier note, I've been playing the 3 song demo for some of my friends and 3 out of 5 liked it, lol. That seems like progress to me.
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Just wanted to mention in case anyone is wondering (or didn't know or whatever):

the main reason I haven't been at practices or the recording sessions is because I have classes at those times.
Matt and I have had a couple short talks about me not being able to make practices and I totally agree that we need to rework schedules so we can all make it to practice, that was on my mind even before he brought it up.
We do need to have another/longer discussion about it though sometime soon.

The thing is I thought it'd work out that I'd be able to make at least one practice on Fridays because I only have one class and it'd be easiest to get a rid to Brawley on that day but because of a combination of gigs falling on Friday nights (or Thursdays and not having practice on Fridays to recover) and football season/prior engagements that we members of the band have been having lately, Friday practices are usually cancelled - which kind of fucks me up a bit, lol, but is understandable.

All I know is that its a big mess right now and I think once footabll season is over (after this month) we'll be able to at least get Fridays goin again.

As far as my parts go in regards to the recordings being done, I think its better that they do this without me because once we all get copies of the finished work I can listen to them and write out my own parts.
Things will be easier all around as soon as my pickup (violin amplifier) comes in.
I wouldn't spend close to $200 on something if I wasn't serious about wanting to be a part of this band.

That's the way the cookie crumbles.
This semester is almost over and I'll make sure that my schedule doesn't come out so fugly this time (its not like I had a choice on my current schedule - it was hell getting back to the valley from SD).

Things will progessively get better as time goes on and I (just as much as the rest of us) am eager to hear the final product ~ demo.


- ThatExtraGuy
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As of November 3, 4/40 has been putting a demo together to spread the word out about our music. It will be a three song demo. It will be finished up by saturday night and will be given out to the whole world to hear pretty soon. Omar, Matt and I are done with our tracks for the all songs. Albert needs to do his leads and fills on two tracks and they both have to do their vocal tracks before we start mixdown. All the parts sound kick ass and the solos are amazing to hear. I hope everyone enjoys it when it comes out.

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okay okay okay!!!
i have finally made the 4/40 photobucket
and..its alright i guess =P
if theres anything wrong i will fix it just comment or somethin
im a nutcase right now so i keep messin shit up

Yup...alrighty well, if anyone has any other pictures that you may have taken....
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my shoosies

new members

well if any of you don't know... 4/40 has two new memebers. they have a new guitarist (albert sanudo) who's fucking badass... oh man he rocks. then they have a violin/viola/trumpet/percussionist/back-up vocals/and everything in between player (Roman Flores) who's also fucking badass and a real sweetheart... awwwww. they're music has also changed a bit... they play all the same stuff but they've added some more influences like maná (hell yeah! finally!!). they added "en el muelle de san blas" a really kick ass song... really sad though. i hope they play "vivir sin aire" that would rock haha. anyway... i have to go. visit the site for more upcoming shows.
my shoosies

another coyote wells show

there will be another show at coyote wells where 4/40 and spur of the moment will be playing. the show is on the 11th and it's ages 18 and up. spur of the moment is a band that eric's dad is in... i haven't heard them but i've heard that they're pretty awesome. hope to see you all there!

check the site for more info on the show
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