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The Whiskey

We played at the world famous WHISKEY A GO GO last night. The show went pretty good and it was recorded on DVD and we are hopefully gonna make copies of it and sell it to the public. This show was the last show for Omar Lopez. He offically left the band after our set. We are going to miss him a lot. We have our friend and producer for our first demo Jesse filling in for us until we find a permanent replacement.

We have a bunch of new ideas for songs and we are trying them out and have 1 new song completley done. The song is called on "On My Own". Albert wrote the song (after I gave him ideas on the lyrics from the events of 2 days before) and I put the stucture of the music together. The song is about how a realationship takes a bad turn and ends with the hope of getting back together.

The Setlist:
1. Jazz Van
2. Escuchame
3. Broken
4. You Left Me
5. Minute for a Mile
6. Wasted
7. On My Own (DNP - replaced with PUSH)

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4/40 (Eric)
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