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HeY, Yes I'm still here!

Hi everyone.

I had a much needed talk with Omar and Matt today about staying in the band, etc. on their way from Brawley to EC and of course I'm going to ride this 4/40 pony as long as I can, lol.

Guys (band members):

I'm sorry for being so reclusive this vacation after the gig on the 23rd. I was busy with my own shit (holiday, university stuff including practicing pieces for tryouts for their music department) as well as the situation with the busted violin. No, this isn't any type of excuse, I'm just stating it as fact.
Yes, I should have called to find out about practices and such but I didn't see a point since I didn't have an instrument and my (violin) parts are always (or should always be) the last edition to a song, old or new. It was communication problems really, we both expected calls from each other so nobody got a *ring*. Our schedules were/are all fuggin wacked out and I didn't know that phone calls the DaY oF were the way plans for practices were goin down.

I'm really glad we had that talk today to straighten shit out. We now know what we expect from each other/what you guys expect from me/whatever the problem was and I'm willing, as I've always been, to correct mistakes and keep the lines of communication flowing.

I'll check in when I get off classes from now on and let you know how repairs with the lil bitch, I mean, my violin are going.

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